Midtjysk Flyveklub

// Design and programming

On our first semester of multimediadesigner, we our exam was to work together with the company Midtjysk Flyveklub, in order to make a newer and more user-friendly website for them. The existing website was created many years prior and was very full in terms of information.

To this project, there were multiple steps to go through. Here we started out by looking through the existing website for content, to find out what they had and seemingly wanted to focus on. After having done this, we had an idea of what the company wanted, but we also wanted to find out what the actual users would be interested in. Therefore we spoke with the company about what kind of people they were interested in reaching out to and found people fitting the criteria. We prepared various questions for these people before the interviews, so we could try to find out what their questions and expectations would be, if they were looking for a flight club. Using this, we could then figure out what the company wanted to say and what the users wanted to hear. We spoke with the company about this and ended up finding some middle-ground, to please both sides.

Once all this was done, we started working on potential website layouts by creating wireframes. This was to find out what kind of layout would best suit the audience. We interviewed some of the same people again this time, but we also found some new ones that were not previously aware of the project, to get inputs from both new and returning people. After having decided on what sort of layouts we would go with, we spoke to the flight club once again, to show them what the results were and to tell them what the users were interested in.

This led us to the design and coding phase. We started coding the website immediately, while adding more design to it during this phase. This was due to my experience from web-integrator and one of my group members also having learned coding. It was just as faster for us to do the coding first, as it was familiar ground to us. When we were done with this, we did a "thinking aloud" test with our audience group with both new and former people, to once again get input from both sides. This ended up in some minor adjustments throughout the project and once these were done, we showed it to the company.